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Reload HR Timecard App – A Jumpstart to digital HR

We have innovated the time capturing process with our new Timecard App

Key self-service features of the Reload HR Timecard App:

  • Mobile time capturing
  • An intuitive mobile App for iOS and Android based on the Microsoft PowerApps framework
  • Vacation Balance Overview
  • Smart consideration of local conditions, public holidays, regular work patterns, Time Card completeness
  • Configurable Proxy functionality
  • Easy integrations with your EPR / time keeping system
  • Capture time per project / PO / contract
  • The Reload Time Card app can be used standalone or integrated into your Time Management and/or Project Management Processes.
  • It offers intuitive and clever help, allowing you to report your working hours within minutes.

The app logic is smart. It remembers your work routines and knows your local calendar. It can be extended as per your needs e.g., with additional geofencing options or with integrations to your ERP system.

With its PowerApps platform Microsoft offers a flexible and efficient way for companies to move fast in their process digitalization. Innovations in HR often have the challenge to reach their end users in an easy and casual way that doesn’t require hours of training.

The Microsoft PowerApps platform:

Microsoft products and licenses are available widely in organizations. No need for building up new software maintenance skills from scratch, we stay in the mostly known & valued framework of MS applications. The fully cloud based product doesn’t require any infrastructure at all! Installing and using an app is an everyday activity in our lives, so you probably won’t find an easier way of introducing a new digital process. Constant innovation happens in release cycles at your own pace via central deployment of new app versions. Goodbye complex upgrades and local installations! Looking at Integrations PowerApps comes with a state-of-the-art architecture allowing us to use preconfigured integrations as well as configuring API based custom integrations with minimal effort. Are you interested in reducing your manual processes and fighting loosely maintained data in thousands of Excels? Do you want to move towards digitalization in large efficient steps with those actions that drive your return on investment the most?

Sascha Lutz

Hi ich bin Sascha und lebe seit 20 Jahren meine Passion für HR Tech und HR Transformation. Meine Fokus-gebiete liegen in den Bereichen HR Transformation, HR Digitalisierung und HR Automatisierung.  Im Rahmen meiner Projekte führen wir meist SAP SuccessFactors oder Personio, im Rahmen einer ganzheitlichen HR Transformation ein. Nach 18 Jahren in großen Beratungsunternehmen haben wir Reload HR gegründet, um uns voll auf das Thema HR zu fokussieren. In unserem Team legen wir Wert auf Agilität, hands-on Mentalität und Teamwork. Als HR-Beratung pflegen wir vertrauensvolle Kundenbeziehungen und legen Wert auf eine ereignisorientierte Umsetzung der Projekte für unsere Kunden in einem offenen und flexiblen Umfeld. In unserem Blog schreibe ich regelmäßig über meine Erfahrungen und Erkenntnisse rund um die Themen HR Transformation, HR Digitalisieung, Prozessoptimierung und Automatisierung.