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How to – Level up my HR-IT-System Landscape

Oder:  Wie wähle ich die richtige HR-Software für mein Unternehmen? Der Markt schläft nicht und um weiterhin wettbewerbsfähig bleiben zu können, arbeiten viele Unternehmen an einer Digitalisierungs-Strategie. Die Relevanz von Daten und deren Auswertung in Kombination mit der voranschreitenden Prozessautomatisierung spielen dabei eine essenzielle Rolle. Künstliche Intelligenz unterstützt bald die Software in vielen Unternehmensbereichen, aber … Weiterlesen

Agile HR: Starting the Agile Transformation in HR

Agile, the buzzword on every tongue and in every sector during the last decade, is successfully moving its way towards Human Resources. What started as a software development methodology, made it quick to organizations’ strategies and has become a trait of the winners for many reasons. Above all, its success is mostly due to the … Weiterlesen

Reload HR Timecard App – A Jumpstart to digital HR

We have innovated the time capturing process with our new Timecard App Key self-service features of the Reload HR Timecard App: The app logic is smart. It remembers your work routines and knows your local calendar. It can be extended as per your needs e.g., with additional geofencing options or with integrations to your ERP … Weiterlesen

Reload HR on Bots

Part 1, Change Address Inspired by the conversations we had with our customers recently we decided to look closely into the topic of chatbots and to showcase some use cases which might be of interest specifically for HR. The idea of conversational platforms is obviously not a new one and a lot has been written … Weiterlesen

Reload HR on Chatbots

The Questions and Answers Chatbot. HR portal and call center waiting loops are over! With our new Questions and Answers Chatbot HR goes digital, moving away from aging FAQs and Wikis and call center experience to providing an interactive, easy to use knowledge base to your employees answering your people’s most frequent questions. In our … Weiterlesen