„At Reload HR we do not only work in international teams with our customers, in fact we are an international team as well.“ The culture at Reload HR promotes a strong team spirit. We believe, that diverse origins, thoughts and backgrounds contribute to the perfect mix […]
„When reading about agile transformation and agile mindset, sometimes you will think that it’s all just more talk than act.“ At Reload HR we truly work agile. In fact, when it comes to HR transformation, we are shaping the concept of an agile HR organization. I […]
Unkompliziert, professionell, menschlich. Das ist die Zusammenfassung meiner Onboarding-Erfahrung bei Reload HR.

Sei dabei die #digitaleTransformation im HR mitzugestalten.

Digitalisierung im Personalwesen stand lange Zeit nicht im Fokus der Unternehmen. Dies ändert sich nun im Rahmen der derzeitigen Digitalisierungswelle. Unsere Kunden erneuern ihre HR Funktion und die digitale Welt bestimmt die neuen Prozesse und Abläufe im Personal.


High-performing companies always have one thing in common: there is a strong feeling of unity within the team and a common culture to be shared. Our culture is characterized by a welcoming environment that fosters diversity and leaves space to learn and grow. Accepting our differences makes us strong in supporting each other and leveraging synergies to pave the way for next-generation HR.


To be the best, best practice is not enough! We are going beyond all boundaries and challenge the common standards. Business excellence begins where bold ideas weigh more than proven procedures. We are scaling up and enjoying the climb, no matter how complex our challenges become.


By learning to understand your organization we can show you untapped opportunities and potentials to grow. Still the initial push to digital transformation must come from inside your company. We help you to create an atmosphere where everyone can bring in his or her own ideas and highlight problems without being afraid of a finger-pointing culture


Flat hierarchies and self-learning abilities are one of the main features of agile organizations. Close collaboration with customers, colleagues and partners requires us to engage in transparency and multidirectional communication. Working with us as a partner means that your company will have direct influence on our team’s performance.


On their journey towards digital transformation companies are acting in a quickly changing and highly flexible environment where general knowledge has become less important than the ability to learn. From our own experience we know what it means to build a self-learning organization. Sharing knowledge, developing people and going unexpected ways makes companies strong in proactive problem solving.


Creative solutions are mostly the result of diverse thinking and learning-based tasks. For this reason we foster a team spirit where diverse origins, thoughts and backgrounds contribute to the perfect mix of talent and experience.

Reload Onboarding Experience


Professional. Unsophisticated. And human. This was my first impression of Reload HR during the recruiting process. And now I was curious to see if my impression was right. But how do you create a personal onboarding process without personal contact? Spoiler alert: Reload HR has it all. Monday morning. I’m sitting in front of my notebook studying my weekly schedule, which I have already received in advance. So I know exactly what to expect. My first week is filled with meetings to get to know the team, company structure, current project situation and so on. I can smell the fresh cup of coffee next to me and I start staring out the window front. Guess what I see: To the left the mountains and straight ahead a forest, although I actually live in Hamburg. You have never seen such a destination in Hamburg before? You’re absolutely right. Welcome to the Austrian Alps. However, I have spontaneously changed my whereabout for the time of the lockdown. No problem for Reload HR. And then it’s time: 10 o’clock. The first team introduction meeting – what a warm welcome. And less than 36 hours later I already know the whole team. And I already feel like I’m part of it. Somehow crazy. The great thing about the onboarding process at Reload HR? The whole team feels responsible for your onboarding. You’re not just a new employee. It’s important to everyone that you quickly become part of the Reload HR family.


Same time but about 600 kilometers away in difference and altitude. The city center of Cologne has awake for two hours now, which is clearly noticeable in the squeaking of the streetcars and the buzzing passers-by. Just like Tamara, I felt well picked up even before the first day of work and therefore knew what to expect in the first week of appointments. Nevertheless, I was naturally excited and wondered how Reload HR was going to handle the onboarding process. I mean, until then I only knew only two faces from the ten-strong team from the first interview and was curious how the team spirit would be awakened despite the long distances. But it was really super easy and fast. In casual conversations with Tamara, I was able to get to know all the team members, gain a personal impression and ask questions that had not been answered yet. Now, after our first week, we both have the impression that we are fully involved and that we don’t see any disadvantages compared to face-to-face onboarding.

To sum it up

Ten employees at ten different locations, yet one team and one mindset! So if you are facing a virtual onboarding process in the future, we think you have nothing to fear. But the whole thing will only work if the right team is behind it.